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Tell us about yourself

I’m Lorna - Mrs Hayward - and I live in Wandsworth, South West London. I am married to Jamie, and am a mum to two ladies in my life – Elsie (3 and a half) and Marnie (19 months) I have recently begun my foray into the freelance world after leaving my job in Digital Advertising. I am hoping to concentrate more on producing exciting content for social, and continue writing my blog, The Mumblings.

Where are your three favourite places in London?

Maltby Street Market – food and booze heaven. Not one to take the kids to (until they are less feral, or so small they are immobile) Soho – after working there for 7 years, it’s dirty doorways will always have a little slice of my heart. Wandsworth common – 5 minutes from our home and when the sun is shining and the girls are behaving, you cannot beat it.

Favourite holiday destination?

Portugal. My husband's parents have an apartment out there. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been lucky enough to holiday there. As a holiday destination, it’s grown with Jamie and I over the years - from second (yes second) date location, last minute mini break weekends, lengthy two week breaks, minimoon, babymoon and now our family holiday destination. We have amassed a large list of favourite beaches, restaurants and bar to visit and it’s become our home from home in the sun.

Favourite shops for mum style? 

H&M, H&M, H&M. I honestly don’t think you can beat it. If I need a last minute outfit – and I’m talking shoes, tops, dress, accessories (their latest statement earring game is STRONG) and a bag to boot – I always can find something.

Favourite kids' brands?

Again, I love a bit of kids H&M – it covers all areas from the inevitable sparkly Tutu’s that Elsie insists on wearing, to the cute and cool little shoes for the girls. I absolutely adore Zara clothes too – and incredibly good value for money.

What’s your interiors style?

Um. H&M? I’m serious. Their home stuff is brilliant – super cheap and I love how they roll with the times in terms of fashion seasons – rose gold, monochrome etc. I can refresh our crap sofa with buying four new cushion covers at £4.99 each – what’s not to love! In terms of style – my husband cannot bear it but it’s all white and grey for me. Mainly because I like to accessorize with colour and change it up a lot. I think invest in a good and classy blank canvas and then change up as and when you feel the need.

Do you have any product crushes?

Waitrose baby bottom butter. Three quid, and I love it. I use it every night slathered all over my tired face and it smells amazeballs. Also Weleda Skin food. I call it face food. It smells divine and when I’m nursing a hangover from hell or a sleepless night thanks to the girls it feels so good.

What do you do for me time?

Pedis. It’s become my thing since I was pregnant with Elsie and I ached so much (and couldn’t reach my feet) Now I have that hour to myself – or usually alongside a mate. I read trash on my phone, scroll mindlessly through Instagram, and have someone rub my feet. Winning combo.

What/who are your sources of inspiration?

I would say the women in my life. They’re an eclectic bunch, all doing varied things in their own wonderful way, but they inspire me and encourage me all the time. My mum especially. She left her job at a similar age to I am now, to set up her own company - whilst raising three children. She took risks, but her company was a success, and she went onto sell it and then retrain as a bereavement counsellor four years ago - after experiencing the loss of my sister (who died of cot death when she was three weeks old) She continues to support my family and I – in some capacity, and she has dedicated the last four years, every Thursday to looking after Elsie, and now Marnie – she’s a gem. Equally, my dad has always encouraged and challenged me to achieve what I’m capable of. Both my parents are driven - they have always worked hard, played harder and continue to inspire me to do the same. Finally – my little family. Jamie works tirelessly for us as a family, so that we can enjoy the best of life, and experience more adventures with our girls – they inspire me to keep challenging myself in what I’m doing - for them.

Aside from motherhood, what's been your biggest adventure so far?

I would have to say travelling. I left it late – I didn’t go until I was 29 and it was something I never thought I would have the balls to do. I had a bloody ball. I met the most amazing people and saw the most wonderful things and it felt like such a huge adventure for me. It still only feels like yesterday.

If you had to share one thing with LMC, what would it be?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. She says… I’m into my fourth week of leaving my job in Digital Advertising. I procrastinated long and hard about whether I was making the right decision, but I craved control. For myself, the girls and our family. I am SO glad that I made the jump and swallowed the fear. It’s been scary, however - it’s also been empowering and that’s a feeling that is hard to beat.

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