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'Rediscover London & life through the prism of the modern family'

At London Mothers Club, we want to rediscover London and the wider world through the prism of modern family life.

We publish an edit of places and things we think you might like and interviews with people we think you might find interesting. We also share our Little Black Book, full of places and things the London Mothers Club team has tried and recommends. We also bring you offers to help with the pennies, and giveaways for the joy of it.

Our website may include affiliate links, advertising and supported content funded by third parties. Using these helps fund the ongoing operations of London Mothers Club. We are very careful to work with businesses that we are happy to recommend, and that are relevant to our readers. It is important to us that we retain editorial control over all our supported content.

Marie Miauton

Marie grew up in Brussels and moved to London as soon as the Eurostar started running. She is mother to Elias and Camille. A career hopper, she has worked as an economist, lawyer and civil servant. She loves culture, improvised cooking and her rambling garden.

Kerrie-Anne Bradley

Kerrie-Anne grew up in Jersey and has lived in France, Durham, Australia and Birmingham before moving to London.  A mum, stepmum, Pilates teacher and an economist, Kerrie-Anne loves fashion and travelling, and is a bit of a social media obsessive.

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