Sarah & Duck’s Big Top Birthday At the Polka Theatre 

To say that my daughter, Nancy, was a fan of Sarah and Duck would be an understatement. The animated duo are like family; Nancy’s first words were Dadda, Mumma and Duck!

With the latest episodes uploaded to our phones, Sarah, Duck and the gang have always been there for us. They helped keep Nancy ‘The wonder roller’ still when changing her nappy in public toilets. They were there for the teething tears, the bad colds, the airplane journeys and the hungover parent mornings. Basically, the show's our digital comfort blanket.

So, when we arranged to see the show with our buddies and fellow LMC contributors Lauren and Coco, you can imagine our excitement. We were over half an hour early – we are never early! Fortunately, the Polka Theatre have great indoor and outdoor play areas that kept us entertained and happy.

But it was as we were in our seats, waiting for the show to start, when something dawned on me – what if she’s disappointed? Could this be a monumental ‘never meet your hero’ moment? The heartbreak, the tears and years of therapy sessions flashed before me.

Thankfully, before the cold sweats could really kick in, Nancy and Coco were already having a ball. They waved at each character as they came on, sang and danced along to all the songs. The brilliant characters, quirky Art Direction and clever humour of the tv show were all there. Lauren and I thought that the puppeteers might distract the girls but, somehow, it worked. And we wouldn’t say it was just for die-hard fans either. Coco, who's more of a Peppa Pig gal, gave it the big thumbs up too.

The show, the theatre itself and the tons of family friendly restaurants close by make for a day out we'd definitely recommend.

Sarah & Duck are at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon till 14th May then head off on tour around the U.K. 

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