Hill Station A taste of the Himalayas, without the trek 

Nights out have changed. We barely hit half ten these days before ‘the fear’ sets in. The thought of joint hangovers plus episodes of Tig & Woolly playing on repeat is enough to have us staggering for the nearest cab office pronto (we still don’t uber, I know, WTF?!).

So date night at a new cocktail bar a mere 10 minute stroll from our front door sounded right up our street, literally.

Tooting Market is fast becoming our go-to destination. Brunch, craft beers, gin, local art - its trendy transformation has left A LOT to love. Thankfully, Broadway Market, is swiftly following suit. And within it resides the refreshing addition, Hill Station.

This quirky, yet tiny take on a Himalayan Hill Station, rocks an eclectic interior; wood paneled walls, sequined cushions, steel tables, and a mix of climbing equipment adorning the walls. Not to mention the actual bar that’s made out of an old battered truck front. But the décor merely provides a theatrical backdrop to the real stars of the show; The Drinks. Authentic, aromatic, and in some cases, edible… My Eastern Sour came with a little brown nugget that turned out to be a Tamarind (break the shell, eat and enjoy - just watch out for the pips). But our fave was the Yak’s Milk, a seriously cool, whisky based cocktail with a citrus kick. De-lish. Served in a mish mash of glasses and copper cups, the cocktails feature a range of handmade and local ingredients, many of which are sourced in the markets themselves. We didn’t try the Basecamp Burger, which you order via the Bakelite phone (a nice touch), but we’ll definitely be back. Hungry. The music was cool, the staff were chilled, and what the bar lacks in square inches, Broadway Market more than makes up for in late-night hustle and bustle.

We may not have been intrepid travellers in need of a place to rest and recuperate from life on the plains, but we were certainly two people in need of a breather from parenthood. And Hill Station, Tooting, provided the perfect getaway. Until roughly half ten, obvs.

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Hill Station A taste of the Himalayas, without the trek
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