Your Mind Therapy at home! 

I used to think therapy sessions - ok, probably acquired through watching too much TV - involved a  therapist behind a big fancy desk, taking notes (and probably in a white coat) and the patient lying on a chaise long spilling out her/her worries.  I certainly didn't envisage that you could be sitting/lying at home while your therapist was on the other end of a laptop! 

This is exactly what Your Mind is all about - therapy sessions that take place over Skype! You head to their website, select a therapist that you think suits your needs, have an introductory chat, and then set up your Skype sessions from there.

The therapists are all credible and with masses of experience. The only difference to a usual sesssion is that you are in the comfort of your own home doing it over Skype. Oh, and the service is cheaper because the therapist can also be at home and therefore, not charging to cover the cost of the big fancy office!  

This service gets a big thumbs up from us and is perfect for time-poor mamas, should you need to use it.

Plus, they have heaps of great tips on their site covering excessive worrying, panic attacks, FOMO, excessive drinking and lots more! 

Your Mind is offering LMC readers a 15% discount until 19th May using the code 'YMLOVESLMC' when booking. 

Love LMC x

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