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We were both genuinely impressed with our treatments at So Me. It’s well worth taking you and your body for a treat.

Having a baby is a full body helter skelter experience. Hormones are thrown left, right and centre affecting everything; skin, hair, nails, muscles, bones, the ability to do spontaneous star jumps etc etc. And then, once the little one arrives, your body undergoes the task of getting back to (relative) normality.

But, as wonderful as our bodies are at doing this, they sometimes need a little helping hand. And after making our second set of babies, that's just what Lauren and I felt we needed. So off we popped to So Me Beauty & Wellness in Clapham Junction to try out a treatment each. A facial for Lauren and a Swedish massage for me.

Carrying the big chunk of love that is my son (during and post pregnancy) had left my back feeling like it was being held together with a load of tight, tangled string. Plus, the past couple of weeks had been one of those never-ending-to-do-list-moving-goal-posts-adult-decision type of times. So when the therapist asked if I was ready for my hour-long full body massage, I looked down at the coffee spill on my top and let out quite a high pitched, desperate “Yes!”. No shame.

The Swedish massage was lovely. Just the right kind of firmness to get rid of the tension and toxins but relaxing enough to fall into that amazing blissed out dozy state. Am I asleep or awake? Did I just snore? Truth is I didn't care because IT. WAS. BLISS.

Even though we do do most things together (work, eat, wee, have babies…), Lauren and I were in separate rooms for our treatments so here’s Lauren’s account of hers:

Having recently stopped breastfeeding, I suddenly found my hormones playing havoc with my skin. So I opted for a facial. Having not had a facial, in like, forever(!) a Mircrodermabrasion facial with Oxygen was the absolute dream.

I’m not even going to pretend to list off all the marvellous benefits my lovely therapist talked me through, because in all honesty she lost me at, ‘Your treatment is going to take 1 hour and 15 minutes…’ I was in heaven already.

Surrounded by calming candlelight, my facial began with what I can only describe as a tiny hoover vacuuming my face – one of the most satisfying sensations I’ve ever felt. In fact, the only thing I can imagine to be more satisfying is actually seeing the dirt being sucked from my pores! And as the oxygen mask set to work, I was even treated to a 20 minute shoulder and neck massage. It was treat from start to finish. A clean slate for my sleep-deprived mothering mug, and an indulgent 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTE cleanse for my mind.

We both walked out of the Salon all floaty and relaxed. Lauren's skin looked lovely, all glowing and fresh - I've sat opposite that face for just under 15 years now so I’m a pretty good judge! And my back pain has gone. It usually comes back after a couple of days, but it’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m still pain free.

We were both genuinely impressed with our treatments at So Me. It’s well worth taking you and your body for a treat.

Poppy & Lauren x

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